The meaning of Anuvada

Why should you choose us?

“I need to translate important documents for myself/ for my business urgently. However, I don't want to waste my time by using a risky web translator. I'm afraid to receive  inappropriate results which  would give a poor image to myself and to  what  I want to communicate” 

We often hear similar concerns at Anuvada. Therefore, we are proud to state that customers confide in us and our services for many reasons. 


How can I ensure to obtain a correct and adequate  translation and why  should I trust the
Anuvada Team? 


Anuvada offers translations in an easy and fast way. Our highly motivated team works precisely to deliver the best results.  Furthermore, our agency carries out several revisions after the actual translation process to ensure the highest quality and accuracy. We do not leave anything to chance and we truly care about your documents. This also includes to ensure a maximum of privacy and security.         

The Founders

Anuvada is Sanskrit for translation and refers to the skills of demonstrating the art of writing. The paraphrase anuvāda means to explain what is written or said in one’s own words or in a similar way. However, it is important that the original meaning and the main idea are not changed.

So it’s not just about translating words, but about expressing the ideas and thoughts behind them and preserving the soul of what has been said or written in another language.

“Because of my passion for different cultures and languages, I traveled around the world and communicated with different people. Nevertheless, I never forgot the little spots on the map that are my home: the Canary Islands, where nature is most valuable."

“This project is very special because it enables us to connect people from different countries. It is also important to preserve the habitat of every culture. For this reason, we help to protect the environment. The great thing about it: With every service booked, we can contribute to the preservation of our planet. ”

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