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Breaking News: Our partnership with Noah Mobility

Updated: Apr 13

Noah Mobility is a relocation start-up that includes services as Home Search, School Search, application for a Residence Permit, Work permit, Visa, Driver License exchange, and much more.

But how does it work? It is simple:

  1. The user registers.

  2. Selects the services in the categories Basic, Standard and Premium.

  3. Selects a consultant and the relocation begins.  

  4. Once the service has been provided, the user clicks to confirm the service.

  5. The payment is arranged and the invoice is sent.

  6. The user rates the consultant.

Anuvada is proud to offer easy and fast access to various languages which empowers relationships and removes cultural barriers. When relocating, sworn translations are key to overcome the bureaucratic processes and to start your new life.

When is a sworn/certified translation required?

  • If you want to marry or even remarry, sworn translations of your birth or divorce certificates are necessary.

  • If you are signing a contract for a new job, or even applying for new jobs, a sworn translation of your academic transcripts is necessary to ensure that your studies are officially recognized.

  • A sworn translation of your studies is needed to apply for Universities. You may also need translations of insurance reports, employment contracts, bank statements etc.

How are Noah Mobility users able to book our services?

  1. Click on the "Meet our Partners" area.

  2. Select the location where a service is needed.

  3. The user is able to contact us directly via the Noah Mobility dashboard.

  4. The same process is carried out via the iOS/Android App.

Links: www.noah-mobility.de



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